Our School Admissions Policy

BSLC admission is open for and granted to all learners, expatriate and local students, who have a reasonable expectation of academic and personal success within the BSLC program.  BSLC will admit students who are complete beginners in English but show evidence of being able to adapt to the language and program even if this will require a considerable period of transition. As the ability to learn English is essential for academic and social success at BSLC, the school reserves the right to restrict the admission of non-English-speaking children in a given class or grade if it is felt that additional non-English-speaking children at this grade level would be difficult to accommodate effectively.

The school expects all teachers to cater to the students’ individual needs. Of course, with the range of language proficiencies at a school like BSLC, each teacher is called upon to develop individualized programs and expectations. BSLC hopes to continue to admit students who have a desire and motivation to succeed but who have had difficulties which can be addressed within the normal framework of its classroom program.