Bright Student Fund

Welcome to the Bright Student School Wish List!  Each year there are supplies, activies, and experiences that our staff would like to have to enhance our facilities or enrich our stu dents’ learning experience. Our school budget cannot always cover the costs for these items, activites, or experiences, so we have created an Annual Wish List.  Families and friends can then make a donation to cover the cost of an item from the Wish List. Our teachers and staff have been blessed with many special gifts that have enriched their classrooms and the learning experiences of their students.

A donor may donate towards the purchase of one of the items on this list, fund an item on the list, or fulfill an entire classroom’s Wish List. Donations are accepted throughout the school year.

School bus
Floor mats
Story books
Wall papers
Sports uniform
Sewing machines
Musical instruments
Computers and tablets
School furniture (Desk & Chairs)

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Donation Total: $1.00